Erzi- Cutting Set - Fruit Salad

by Erzi

Children take an interest in everything that grown-ups do. This includes cutting up and preparing meals in the kitchen.

Colourful wooden replicas of delicious fruit, a red handled knife and a chopping board are the right combination for stimulating the child's imagination and creativity. The cutting set serves to promote the training of fine motor skills while the various options for combination serve to stimulate the child's imagination and powers of creativity.

Includes: 6 wooden pieces - 1 cutting board, 1 knife, 1 sliceable banana (3 sections), 1 sliceable kiwi (2 sections), 1 sliceable apple (2 sections) and 1 strawberry.

Size: length 19 cm, width 15.2 cm, height 6.3 cm, weight 410 g

Materials: Beech, coloured laquered 

age 3 +