Glucksakfer - Amber Necklace


Glückskäfer Children's Amber Necklace short, cognac-colored with a length of 31-33 cm. Amber is a natural resin produced by the pine tree Pinus succinifera. It was created 40-50 millions of years ago and is found today as a fossil. Glückskäfer Amber Necklaces are manufactured from natural amber, not melted or compressed. The necklace is knotted between each stone and has a safety-lock. For safety reasons, the clasp will open when subjected to a STRONG pull.

Additional Information:

Not a toy: Baby Amber Necklaces are not toys, but jewelry. With decorative objects that contain small parts and have a chain with more than 22 cm length children under 3 years should not remain unsupervised. In the interests of safety, children should use the necklace only under adult supervision. Not suitable for children under 3 years as small parts could be swallowed.
Length: ca. 31-33 cm.