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Our products have been carefully chosen based on their outstanding function and quality. At Tummy to Mummy Kids Shop, we are a local online and mobile boutique that strives to provide products that are timeless, simple and of superior quality.

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We're all about open-ended play

We not only believe in offering quality toys that are built to last, but we also believe in offering toys that help build on a child's development. We believe it is important to fire creativity and inspire young minds to be curious and imaginative. At Tummy to Mummy Kids Shop, we understand that kids learn through play to help make sense of the world around them. Our selection reflects that!

Where do these roads lead? To endless possibilities. Imagine. Create. Play
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Grimm's toys inspire open-ended play, imagination and creativity. These colourful rainbows are so versatile no wonder they are popular with so many families!
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Made in Nova Scotia

We carry a lovely assortment of unique and locally made products by talented Nova Scotia artisans. We are proud to share and support our local community.

Peace by Chocolate

Need we say more?
Our 'Welcome Baby' curated gift box sets the standard of gift giving for years to come. The 'Welcome Baby' box features unique handmade baby gifts by various Nova Scotia artisans. Want to customize your own box? No problem! Check out our 'Build Your Own' section.
Welcome Baby Box
Shopping for a new baby? We’re renowned for beautiful, luxurious, unique baby shower gifts – the kinds of gifts you give your most cherished friends and loved ones.

Give the 'heirloom' kind of gift

Genetic Threads Collection